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CloudLabs is owned by CloudTeam Sp. z o.o. representing a solution that helps universities and businesses in rapid, efficient delivery and management of virtual online hands-on labs.

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CloudTeam founded CloudLabs in 2011. Since then we’ve delivered virtual online hands-on labs to more than 20,000 students worldwide. In January 2015 we completed the first implementation of our on-premise CloudLabs solution for a leading Swiss IT training company.

CloudTeam is one of the leading IT training companies in Poland specializing in Cloud Computing, both in the field of consulting and training services. Operating throughout Poland, it provides authorized Amazon Web Services training (AWS) for CIOs, architects, system operators and programmers. The scope of services also includes technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Office365, Google Cloud Platform, G Suite, and other solutions offered by Microsoft, Citrix, Comptia and Veeam.